Is Guilt preventing you from Placing your loved one in Professional Care?

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  • Emotions run high and it is natural to feel that we're breaking our promise to our parents when we consider transitioning them to a Care Home. The feeling that we are betraying them when they most need our support can be overwhelming.

    If we stop to reflect on the real impact of our actions at a time like this, we're bound to feel that no-one can do a better job of caring for Mom or Dad than we can. That is certain. No one can understand what your loved one needs most as well as you do.

    Entrusting your loved ones care to caregivers in a memory Care and Assisted Living community is a big decision. It requires " Letting Go" and the feeling of "Losing Control "can be daunting.

    Reflecting on the underlying cause of these feelings may reveal that our decisions are often guided by an deep rooted emotion of guilt. That's a natural feeling to have.

    If we can recognize this feeling, we'll be able to step back from the emotion and make an objective observation of what might be best for Mom or Dad.

    For us to be able to help those we love, we must be in the best physical, mental and emotional shape to do so. Setting aside the emotion and recognizing that a community of trained professional caregivers would be better suited to provide a consistent level of care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year may serve us well.

    Allowing a care team to do the mundane chores of Bathing, Feeding, Cleaning and Dressing your loved one will allow you the freedom to return to a more normal routine. Your loved one may not be able to articulate how they feel about you changing their diapers and cleaning up after them, so it's important to consider how your actions may be impacting them.

    Self-care is Key to a healthy relationship when taking care of a loved one. You can find the time to enjoy your family and plan important celebrations with your loved one in a community if you allow yourself to be removed from the caregiver role.

    Relax, taking a break from all the overwhelming responsibilities allows you to breath and reset yourself. Giving you energy to carry on with your day. You'll find it more enjoyable to visit with your loved one in their new home,while preserving their dignity.

    Taking Care of your Body, getting a good nights sleep, a balanced diet and time to exercise are all important to preserve your own health. You'll gain the strength and energy to be there for everyone, including your loved ones with memory care needs.

    Keeping yourself informed, Knowing as much as you can about your loved ones condition and the modifications that need to be made to provide them with a higher quality of life.

    Your loved ones quality of life is better when they can live in a home-style environment rather than an Institution like setting. Choose carefully and your loved one and you will be more relaxed.

    The decision to move Dad or Mom to an Assisted Living or Memory Care Community is not an easy one, and we are here to assist you while you find yourself looking for a safe place for Dad or Mom to call home.

    It is ok to ask for help. Give yourself permission to live a normal life. Release the Guilt. You don't have to do this alone. With 24 hour care at Evergreen Cottages, you know there is someone available for your loved one when they need them the most.

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