Activities are very important for Dementia residents. Keeping residents mentally and physically challenged is a high priority for any assisted living community. Activities can help in many different ways. They can reduce anxiety, increase mental and social stimulation, minimize behavioral changes, improve self-esteem, improve sleep habits and reduce the need for medications.

When we say the word “activity” one usually thinks about games, outings, singing etc. Though these are all activities there are other activities that we all do everyday such as, balancing a checkbook, combing our hair etc. yet we don’t recognize these as activities essential for our wellness.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the daily living activities as published in the journal "Occupational Therapy": Domain & Practice

  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) - include the basic self-care of eating, bathing, dressing, grooming and using restroom.
  • Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL’s)-includes more complex daily tasks such as making meals, managing finances, shopping, cleaning, Health Care.
  • Sleep and Rest- YES! Believe it or not, Sleep and Rest are both very important activities
  • Working- including volunteering, yard work, gardening, folding linens and other similar housekeeping work are equally stimulating and beneficial to a person with Dementia
  • Leisure Activities- including hobbies, concerts, attending sporting events, watching a good movie with other residents are all considered beneficial activities
  • Social Participation- this could be in the community, church or time spent socializing with a visiting family member or friend.
  • With the onset of Dementia, the ability of an individual to perform these types of seemingly simple activities gradually become impaired, and eventually the individual becomes totally dependent upon their caregivers for all of their assistance with daily living activities.

    It is imperative for residents to feel challenged every single day. At Evergreen Cottages, we work very hard to keep our residents in a routine where they are called upon to stay active, participate in community events, socialize with other residents and visitors and generally remain alert throughout their day.

    Ultimately our goal is to keep our residents’ independent for as long as possible so they can maintain dignity and a high quality of life

    author: Fatima Adeyemi is a nurse and Executive Director at Evergreen “Bridgewater” Cottage Assisted Living and Memory Care community in Katy Texas She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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