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Covid-19 Pandemic -What We're Doing to Care for our Residents and Caregivers.

Naturally, during this “Stay Home” - "Stay Safe" order, families are concerned that they cannot visit their loved ones in our care. We are fully aware of this and are all working towards the same goals. Keeping all our residents and caregivers as safe as possible.

One of the ways families can help us is to keep us off the phone and on the floor where we can focus all of our attention on keeping residents engaged, well fed and entertained.

Families have many questions so we’ve tried to address some of them here, with the hope that it brings comfort to them knowing we are doing everything we possibly can to enrich our residents' lives every minute of every day. We chose some of the most frequently asked questions and provided some guidance below....

Are Visitors Allowed?

The Novel Corona Virus is a “New” Virus strain, never seen before. There is no vaccine and no cure. While scientists are working hard to develop a vaccine, contracting the Covid-19 virus can be serious for Seniors.

For this reason, visitors are not allowed into the community at this time. The safety of our Residents is of paramount importance, and not allowing visitors is in line with the State of Texas directive, Evergreen Cottages will not allow any visitors into the community until we feel confident that the risk of infecting our residents is minimal, and only when the State directive is reversed.

How do I keep In Touch with my Loved One at Evergreen Cottages?

Follow us on Social Media - Each of our communities is posting pictures, videos and stories of your loved one almost every day to keep you in touch with the community.

Facebook is the best way to see these videos and pictures of your loved ones.

Like and Follow us On Facebook

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If you wish to have a One on One conversation with your loved one, please call the Executive Director directly at the cottage and they will make sure you get to speak with your loved one or set up a video call

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When will we be able to Again Visit our Loved one at Evergreen Cottages?

It is our hope that you will be able to start visiting sooner than later. However, we are compelled by state law to follow all laid down directives.As soon as the Department of Health and Human Services determines that it is safe to again allow visitors, we will let you know. We anticipate this happening after six to eight weeks.

Are Doctors Visits Allowed?

Doctors are allowed to visit residents under their care. Physicians Assistants regularly visit the residents under doctors care and will continue to do so.

Do you have all the medications needed for our loved ones?

Yes all of the Pharmacies that work with our Community are delivering medications as scheduled.We do not anticipate any issues with receiving medication. Our pharmacy partners have assured us that they have adequate medication to meet our residents needs.

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Does Evergreen Cottages have Adequate Food Supplies?

Yes the well being and safety of Our Resident’s is our top priority, Our Pantry is fully stocked with a variety of Nutritious and comfort foods to keep our residents well fed and happy during this time. In addition, we always have an emergency supply of food and provisions to meet our needs in times like this.

Can I bring Food to my Loved one living at Evergreen Cottages?

Under normal circumstances, we encourage residents' families to bring their loved ones favorite food when they come to visit. Unfortunately, at this time, to limit our residents' exposure to potentially contracting the virus, please do not ask us to allow you to bring these items. State Law does not permit any visitors, and we’d feel really terrible turning you away. Thank you for not putting Evergreen Cottages in such a position.

What about the Caregivers? How are they Doing?

Our Team of Cargivers are the very best people, loving, caring and fully dedicated to take care of the Residents. They have been receiving additional training and coaching in emergency management as well as Loving Care from our management. After all, they should be calm and relaxed knowing their needs are being taken care of.

Furthermore, we are ensuring that the Care Team is Socially Distancing themselves and not being exposed to large crowds or anyone other than their Immediate Families and other Care Staff in our buildings

We are also ensuring that Proper Hygiene is followed, Washing Hands More Frequently, Using Hand Sanitizer more Often and generally Disinfecting surfaces and door knobs more frequently. We have the Best people with Great Training and wonderful managers and we are confident they will do everything to keep residents and co-workers Safe

What about Hairdresser Service?

At this time, we have dis-continued the services of our Cosmetologist until we again feel it is safe to resume that service. Meanwhile, we will continue to care for your loved ones hair and nail needs in house, and make these into a fun activity for them

What Activities are you doing with Residents to keep them Active and Engaged?

Residents safety is always a priority at all times at Evergreen Cottages, and we want to keep our residents active and stimulated by bringing some fun indoor and outdoor activities and when weather permits, residents enjoy a nice walk in our newly refreshed gardens. You can also see activities for each cottage by following us on Social media.

Are residents Watching the News?

We do not believe that it is in the best interest of Residents with Alzheimer’s or other Dementia to be watching news that would cause them undue stress. We are a Fun Community and strive to have your loved ones engaged in pleasant activities. Watching Old time favorite movies and shows is much more pleasant for your loved ones in our care.

Are Home Health Agencies Allowed to Visit?

Yes Home Health agencies will continue to provide care services to our residents. They have assured us that they are screening their care managers and following CDC guidelines on Hygiene and prevention of spread.

Are Hospice Nurses Allowed to Visit?

Yes Hospice / Palliative Care is still available as needed to our Residents. The providers are highly trained professionals and are well trained in infection control. Hospice nurses are a boon to the community and their services are valuable to our residents. We ensure that they are conducting themselves in a safe manner when visiting and caring for residents in the community.

Volunteers and Church Groups provide Enriching Activities - is this ongoing at this Time?

We love our volunteers and always look forward to them coming into the community to enrich the lives of our residents. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot allow Any Visitors, Including Volunteers. We will resume volunteer activities as soon as we are directed by the State Health Department that it is safe to do so.

We do have our Regular Volunteer groups submitting Videos of Reading / Music / Chats etc for us to share with residents. We play these back on the TV so all the cottage residents can see the videos and the familiar faces of the volunteers. Snail Mail is also a great way for Volunteers to keep in touch. We have One Volunteer group writing letters to the community which our caregivers will be reading to each resident. Please feel Free to participate in whichever way you can.

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