Like many great ideas, the concept for Evergreen Cottages Assisted Living began in the kitchen.  Family and friends had gathered for dinner.  The conversation flowing from the kitchen to the great room ultimately turned to the challenges of getting older and the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. 

Who would need care? What type of care would be needed? Assisted Living? Memory Care? Alzheimer's support? When should planning for Care be started? Who would make the decisions? There were so many questions and very few answers....

The inevitable questions came about, ‘‘What would Mom or Dad want?”  “What would we want for them?” “What would we want for ourselves?”  The conversation and answers to these questions formed the concept and impetus for Evergreen Cottages Memory Care and Assisted Living Communities.

What was unique about this dinner of friends and family was that this was a group of professionals deeply experienced in the hospitality industry and medical care.  They combined their experience with a health care team that has  over fifty years of management experience in business, Memory Care, Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Care, and senior wellness.  

Constructing a beautiful Assisted Living building for Alzheimer's residents was not enough. It had to be a place that differentiated itself from all other Alzheimer's facilities. The building itself had to Help the residents, and thus the "Never Lost" ®️ Dementia Safe ®️ DementiaSmart ®️ Building was born.

The friends took the concept of being "Ever-Green" even further with an "EverFresh"®️ food menu using Natural Food to promote wellness and Health.

Knowing that hiring Trained Staff was a pre-requisite to providing the ultimate care for residents, a conscious decision was made to hire only Caregivers with a kind heart, Certified Nurse Aides, Certified Medication Assistants and Executive Directors who are Nurses, then provide the best Dementia and Alzheimer's Care training on an ongoing basis.

Evergreen Cottages continues to strive for excellence in Memory care for residents with Alzheimer's and Related Dementia

We welcome you to visit our communities and learn how the design of a living space greatly enhances the wellness of our residents while tasty food made fresh daily nourishes their minds and souls. "Come See the Difference"

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