• Empathy towards our Caregivers at Home and In Assisted Living Communities Click here to Read
  • Empathy towards our Caregivers

    The definition of empathy is: The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to,

  • Making a timely decision - When is it not appropriate to Procrastinate? Click here to Read
  • Dragging out the decision to find the right Care for your loved one with Memory Care needs can be detrimental

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  • Is Guilt preventing you from Placing your loved one in Professional Care? Click here to Read
  • Emotions run high and it is natural to feel that we're breaking our promise to our parents when we consider transitioning them

    Early Signs of Dementia: The Red Flags to Look Out For

    When your loved one gets a little forgetful, you may think he is just getting older and less mentally sharp. But as time goes by, your loved one may show a variety of other symptoms related

    There are at least 10 different types of dementia and no two dementia's are the same. Our primary focus over the next few months will be discussions about the different types of Dementia, the behaviors for each and specific activities and techniques along with diet and exercise

    What is Caregiver Burnout?

    Caregiver Burnout is a term used to describe the state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion experienced by one person taking care of another person who needs assistance with daily living activities. Women are more

    Activities for Seniors with Dementia

    Think of an Assisted Living Home and your mind immediately pictures a room full of seniors. relaxing on their recliners staring into space or worse still, staring at a T.V. This

    Covid-19 Pandemic -What We're Doing to Care for our Residents and Caregivers.

    Naturally, during this “Stay Home” - "Stay Safe" order, families are concerned that they cannot visit their loved ones in our care. We are fully aware of this and are all working towards

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    Corona Virus - How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home

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    The Recent Corona Virus pandemic has Caused a shortage of Hand Sanitizer in Stores all across the U.S. as people rush to buy up supplies. The CDC recommends Washing your hands regularly particularly before eating or touching your face. Washing hands with Soap and Water for

    Veterans have served our country well and deserve the best care when it comes to their health needs in their golden years. Assisted Living and Memory Care are an integral part of aging and should be financially planned for early in life.

    Fortunately for Veterans,

    How Many Types of Dementia Are There?

    At least 10 different types of dementia are known

    If anyone you know is diagnosed with dementia, you will notice that the condition causes memory, behavior and thinking problems that affect their ability to complete complex tasks.

    The Talking Book Program

    Reading books is a leisurely hobby that is shared by many of the residents at Evergreen Cottages. Some read for fun and others as a continued quest for knowledge. Unfortunately, being stricken with dementia has robbed some of our residents the ability

    Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid at Evergreen Cottages assisted living memory care?

    This is a question we get often. Some clients are not sure exactly what the differences are.

    Prior to a discussion of Medicaid’s benefits

    When considering care options for your loved ones, a major question for most families is “What will it cost for Mom or Dad to live at an Assisted Living Home or Alzheimer’s Community?

    This important question can have many answers depending upon the type of care required and

    Adult Daily Living Facilities Evergreen Cottages Magnolia Residents DSC0110

    Activities are very important for Dementia residents. Keeping residents mentally and physically challenged is a high priority for any assisted living community. Activities can help in many different ways.

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    You may be close to retirement, but it’s not too late to review your ABCs, at least not when it comes to Medicare. Having learned a little about this important government program, which has aided millions of seniors in acquiring affordable medical care in their golden years, you know

    Our last post “Questions to Ask While Touring a Memory Care Community” listed important questions to ask when touring communities for your loved one. In this post we are going to answer a couple of the questions for our community and explain important differences between

    Our first

    For most families, the first time you hear the words Dementia or Alzheimer’s is when your doctor first informs you that your most dear loved one has been diagnosed with these conditions. After all, no-one plans for such news.

    Promising new research suggests that half of all cases of Alzheimer's disease could be prevented by adopting healthier lifestyles. An important study carried out by Barnes and Yaffe at the University

    Evergreen Cottages Alzheimer's care home and the Katy Chamber of Commerce announce the Grand Opening of its newest and best residential style Assisted Living home in the Houston Texas area. The 16 bed facility was designed and built by a team of Medical and Hospitality professionals to provide the most

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    A cheap regimen of vitamins in use for decades is seen by scientists as a way to delay the start of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, a goal that prescription drugs have failed to achieve.

    Drugmakers including Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.,

    A new study has found that dementia rates among people 65 and older in England and Wales have plummeted by 25 percent over the past two decades, to 6.2 percent from 8.3 percent, the strongest evidence yet of a trend some experts had hoped would materialize.

    Another recent study, conducted in

    According to the most current research, a brain-healthy diet is one that reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, encourages good blood flow to the brain, and is low in fat and cholesterol. Like the heart, the brain needs the right balance of nutrients, including protein and sugar,